Reviews for "Marcus Peblo 4! the saga."


WOW.... this has floored me....

I can't wait to see more....

This is one of the best entries I have yet to see!!!

I will show this to lots of folks!!!

Keep up the good work and you will go far!!!

---Shok - FDA

Your art reminds me so much of Sierra's artwork

This flash is like, so similar to COMPANY games that Sierra is used to making. Do you like work for them? Some examples of where your flash is like, not only on par with their cartoonry, but perhaps even better, would be like, Torin's Passage, and the King's quest series.

You have so much talent man, why aren't you making cartoons for disney right now?

This is ....beautiful

That's about all I've got to say. Words cannot describe :)

A definite 10!!!

A masterpiece. Where can I get the music? Better yet, where can I get all the episodes so I can watch them easily whenever I want???


Well the basic thing is that aparantly, what I can gather, is that the baby is destined to become more, as the quote by the author went "A boy with a destiny... A man with a mission" This boy is obviously destined for great power and as the key, which aparantly symbolizes something larger, to a peice of the boy's life puzzle later on, finds the boy, it teaches the boy his first lessons of greatness, hence the fighting the bats. Still, as he IS after all a boy, the little shadow demons came along and overpowered the boy, still not strong enough as you can see, to do whatever this destiny mission of his is. And the Gauntlet that the voice in the beginning speaks of is probably part of his mission... Or maybe I'm just on crack, but it seems like a really good idea to me... I think he's destined to be protector of the world or something. I think that maybe the wizard man could be the boy's watcher, and woke up to find that the baby finally was born, then went off to let other watchers know that the 'destiny child' has arrived on this world.
Hehehe Coooooool!!!!!