Reviews for "Marcus Peblo 4! the saga."


Ah, my eyes hurt. Too much eye candy (yuk yuk, yeah i know i'm horrible). Anyway, your vivid colors blended with your beautiful backgrounds, and epic music combine to create a great animation short. Do you use photoshop to edit images? It seems to me that this cannot be done in flash. Also, how do you do these backgrounds? In photoshop or something like that i suppose. Well, in all this is a great series, but i have one suggestion. Eric, could you please make this all tie together. Make a plot out of this, because so far this story is way over my head. I hope you are able to piece together a story, that would make this all the more exciting. Well, you have a fan, and admirer, since Marcus Peblo 1. I hope you make many more, and good luck to you.


Absolutely -amazing-. Nothing else can describe this. While I haven't found the "hidden" meaning behind the art, it doesn't matter. This is beautiful enough to watch w/o any meaning at all.

Unbelievable animation and well-matched, orchestra quality music. Bravo.

thank you

Thank you. I love Marcus Peblo. I feel that it is the best thing on newgrounds. I'm sorry that things (and I stress the word "things" like Keeblur are keeping Marcus Peblo off of the top 50. Thanks for this breathtaking submission. I hope to see lots more in the future.

~Fire Sonata~

Awsome! Great grahpics and sound!

The whole thing wa very cool, the only problem i noticed was that during the first part it was hard to tell what they were saying due to the music being louder.

Im really impressed

Im also really tired so I dont think thiss'll be a goodreview . I really dont know whats going on any more. It still looks good though, and it still has that dark aura to it