Reviews for "Marcus Peblo 4! the saga."


Beautiful, fucking beautiful! I can't believe the audio and visual were done by you. I love it!!!

Great Animation

The anianiamtion is incredible... I dont understand what its about though...


Stanz wtf? are you stupid? There is a story here, if you wacthed episodes 1-3 youd understand, maybe its the fact it doesent have a skateborder or stickmen in it that you dont see a story, this is poetic, and damn well done!

I love MArcus Peblo

I love the Marcus Peblo cartoons, ive seen all 4. yay. i dont get them at all though. they just look good and sound good and kick ass mighty goodly. good job.


EXCELLENT JOB! That is definatly some awesome animation up there. Of course the story is an enigma, but who the hell cares!? Most movies on NG have no plot. This movie had so much more! Keep it up!

P. S.- ANYONE who says this movie sucked because of the graphics ought to shut the hell up. (Not like anyone will, I'm just defending it, really.)