Reviews for "Broken Saints 24 Trailer"

Where can I find this?

This... is beautiful. This is one of those times when animation stops being a cartoon, and starts being a piece of art. This is, by every definition of the word, professional grade, and high end at that.

Where can the first 23 parts of this series be seen?

Oh, and I particularly liked the imagery of the cross in front of the stained glass window that looked to have been cobbled together out of various junk and televisions. It strikes a chord in me.


Oh My God.....

............. that look great.... if only you can finish it

One word



I don't think I've ever seen such deatailed artwork in a flash movie. The dark mood completely resonates from this trailer. Were those real awards that this has won?? I'm very, very anxious to see the final product. The visuals were amazing, and your sound choice for the trialer was very good too. It was very suspensful and dark. This looks to pack quite a wollop, I'll definitely be here to check out your final project. Astounding work Broken Saints crew, this thing really looks amazing.


That was amazing....now I can;t wait to acualy see the real saga :)