Reviews for "Broken Saints 24 Trailer"


The one hour finale... of the most critically acclaimed saga... of the cyber age..... (I was wating for Eskimo Bob to show up here)

Blah.. more of the same 'ol, creepy crap. 7


its really fucked up andits like the hulk movie u know? i dont get it why this movie is on the top but gratz anyhow


Awards were giving to the previous episodes. Incase you've been living under a rock for t he past 2 years, here



I hope to see the full thing, although am perplexed how a film that isn't done yet can gain awards from, 4 was it?, different places. Not that i really care if you made that up or not, 'cause it does look classy like that. It just seems that those places that gave out the awards had to judge something more than a trailer, or not, i really don't know. anyway this excellent work, and i hope to see the full thing.

Well Drawn

I would hardly call it animated though. It's more of a comic with a few short clips of tweening to express movement here and there. I think it would be much better if it were just a comic, rather than a flash movie. There is no doubt that you guys can draw though. Though the characters don't seem too interesting from what I've seen, they look very good. As for the content of the Broken Saints comic, I can't say I'm too impressed with it, regardless of all this "Critical Acclaim". I saw the first three chapters, and though they were mildly amusing, there wasn't anything special or exciting. I expect the last chapter will have made a good deal of improvements since the beggining, but even still, I'm more excited by a dentist appointment than this final chapter.