Reviews for "Broken Saints 24 Trailer"

I admit to not following this series. It's not one of my favorites here. I still love how epic it is. If only there was a flash here one hour long. Really, the most acclaimed series of the cyber age? It's hard to judge something I know little about.

I can still appreciate how great it looks. Well, it could have used a trailer voice. I'm so used to those. Then again, most trailers here don't have them. This still got me to anticipate a finale.


The trailer sent chills up my spine watching it. Im in so much anticipation to see how it all ends. This truly is the best flash series ever created, and one of the most appealing stories I've ever come across.

OMFG.... thats the best ive ever seen...

and ive only seen the 1st part and this trailer. all my fives belong to this!!! simply amazing and 1 one hour finale? AWSOME!!!


What kind of graphics and effects and sounds and...
really good.
very very good

really? 1 hour left

aww man this aint fair. I love this series but knowing now that i only have to spend one more hour watching makes me sad. i do hope that the creator decides to make another series