Reviews for "Broken Saints 24 Trailer"

Never heard of it either..

But if you can make this a 1 hour thing, ill definatly look forward to it.


Awesome Graphics and flash! The trailer looks like a T.V. one! keep up the really awesome work lol!


I've never heard of this so called "most critically acclaimed series of the cyber age"
but the trailer looked nice.

Looks suprisingly good

I never really got into the whole broken saints thing, i tryed but i think for a flash animation i found it a bit to slow, and i h8 reading on the computer, altho i wuld have loved to read it as a book. Any way, for what looks to be a fully tweened movie, with no frame by frame animation i can imagine an hour of this stuff culd get veyr boring. Altho it does looks good and you probably are sum of the best tweeners on the web, but a whole hour? i sure wont be watching that on a computer screen.

nothing short of spectacular!!

damn! this is possibly set ti be on of the best flash movies that the internet has EVER seen! am in stupid or have you made 23 others? @:( (dont laugh) - i cant WAIT! until the full thing is out! i will check da daily feature every day becausr that award belongs to it!