Reviews for "Broken Saints 24 Trailer"

whoah that was WOW!

whaoh i haven't really watched your movies but now i really want to watch 24 the end is near, awesome graphics from hell! whoah i gotta check it out !


im a big broken saints fan, and i cant believe no one has reviewed this in over a year, anyway, the stuf looks great, keep up the good work and all that good stuff.

Love your work...

I'm all hyped up about the game now. I was meaning to watch this series for a long time now...it just seemed so long and I was a impaitent one back in 2001. But now...growing old has given me the paitence I need to sit down and watch the beautiful art right in front of me. I'm trying to convince my whole family to watch it...espically the ones who are not really into comics or anime. If not they'll see it on DVD whenever it comes out. Awsome music, awsome story, awsome everything. Truly a masterpiece.

the trailor was good, but the movie was the best!!

i saw the movie on your site and it was a good 1 or 2 hour movie. but i got 1 question, do u read a bible because i think u got the quotes from the bible during that movie (and some that were not in the bible)?

ugh...ugh ugh.......*sigh*

Oh shit, I have to go change my underwear. WOw. This is gonna be amazing....