Reviews for "Broken Saints 24 Trailer"

this was so good!...

nice graphics!!
keep it up!!

Holy Shit...

I am in awe. This looks like a preview you see at the movies before the feature presentation. A one hour flash movie?!? I can hardly wait. Its gonna complete rape the bandwith. 5 most definetly

Its ok.

This thing is ok. The cartooning is nice to look at and stuff. I like the story idea of it. The only thing i do not like is how people actually stick these "movie previews" on here. it leaves you off wondering why you ever watched it in the first place. Like you know you're probably not going to see the entire thing and you feel like you wasted your time. In other words trailers suck. I really don't like them. I can just pop in a movie into my dvd and watch a trailer for an upcoming movie if I truly wanted. I know you may want to advertise that it is coming out, but please surprise us in a nice way so that we don't have to get all giddy about it. Its probably going to take you like,... What? Definately more than a month to finish an hour long flash movie like that.I think no one will be hyped by then because theres a somewhat large gap of time between them.

The most overrated thing on the Internet

Where's the animation?

Broken Saints is definitely the most overrated Flash series, period. There is no animation whatsoever - it's all (well done) transitions between still images. And being stills, the art is not nearly strong enough to justify the lack of animation - there are quite a few ANIMATED Flash movies with that level of art (ignoring the coloring styles).

What I must commend Broken Saints on, however, is the presentation and marketing. TYhe presentation makes you THINK that it's something special, and it has worked brilliantly as you can see with all of the media coverage that the series has gotten. Brilliant marketing, but no substance.

Finally, I have a problem watching the "episodes" - they move much, much too slow. I read rather fast, and it feels like it's timed for people with a second grade reading level. I'll read something and have to wait 1 - 2 minutes for the next panel to appear. The presentation makes everything ridiculously boring.


If the trailer its self can get to number 21 on the top 50 of all time I can't wait for the full movie its self