Reviews for "Broken Saints 24 Trailer"


That looked absolutely cool. I have to find the rest of the series. I'll be looking as soon as I finish this post. That was so cool. It really seemed like a Preview to some giant movie that Universal, or someone would do. The trailer looked very professionally made. Definately worth looking at the artist talent and future works by them.

pretty good

I dind't understand it... da story line... Is the finale really gunna b ONE HOUR long??? I mean? wouldn't tat file be like SSSSSSSUPPPPPPPERRRRRR BIG!!!? and nobody would haf da patient 2 wait for da video 2 load and then sit on their arse for one WHOLE hour just 2 watch this?
*hehe i noe i would*


omg...wow, im gonna watch that


ho-ho-ho-HOLY FUCK!

holy shit.... that was the best flash video i have ever watched! and that was just the trailer?! did u use flash to make that or wut? the drawings were insane! can wait for the real thing to come out.... july 14th, iam there

hmm my 2 cents

it was ok, not really worth watching the trailer, I look forward to the film, aslong as it is different to this (the way it is put togethor i mean) On the whole the drawigns were pretty amazing and i think it looks good.