Reviews for "Broken Saints 24 Trailer"

Looking forward to it, Brooke...

For those interested in the series, feel free to visit the Broken Saints forums.


While you're there, check out a little something we like to call MSPaint Monday (in the Artwork section)...
-- Scaper-X

Zippox05 can go suck a floppy donkey dick

That was all-around fucking incredible...and only a trailer? Can't wait to see the rest. Oh and Zippox05 why don't you lick some fucking buffalo nuts you ignorant piece of shit...I've said my piece, thanks.


First off I want to say that it was a great flash. The creators of Broken Saints nearly always amaze me with thier talent and creativity. As for dumbasses like Zippox05...if your ass can truly do better....then put you money where your ass is and show us. You arrogant prick. In any case I can't wait to see the 24th eppisode.


My ass could do better.

not bad for a professional

when the rest are stick men made on freeware flash programs, a professional cartoonist should be expected to produce excellence.