Reviews for "Broken Saints 24 Trailer"

For those wondering if they must pay...

It's 100% free. just head to the site and view freely when the time comes. Or go now and catch up on the other 23 chapters.

Oh, and Bravo BS crew. I can't wait for it to come.


i gotta see this. but is this free or do i have to pay to see this?

Must see!!

This is a must see movie and i'll pay anything to see it!

Nice stuff

Not the most critically acclaimed saga of the cyber age, but maybe the most critically acclaimed online saga of the cyber age. To those who havn't ever seen it, check it out. It's a new idea and it's interesting.

Rock it out!

Don't Get Me Wrong....

that is one beautiful piece of work, as are all the other Broken Saints movies. But it's hard for me to even concider them flash videos, as most of it is tweened hand drawn images. Not sure what I'm getting at here, I guess it just seems weird now that I see all the Flash type awards it has gotten. Hell probably would be smaller in Divx format anyways.