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Author Comments

GRIEVOUS was made during the Global Game Jam 2020!

If you enjoy the game, let us know what you would like to see in a full release.

Planned future features are:

1) Procedural generation on death / recall.

2) Deeper upgrades.

3) Several different "levels".

4) Items and power-ups ( chests / item rooms )

Thank you for playing!


Keyboard / Mouse:

WASD to move

Mouse 1 fires

Hold 'R' to recall

Hold ESC to quit



Left thumb stick moves / Right thumb stick aims

Right/Left Trigger - fire

Hold Right Bumper - recall

Hold Start to quit

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super hard, yet awesome, but yet sooo short! I hope one you can come back to this, and add more stuff!

Pretty good, but really though.

Make. A. Full. Version
Its Beautiful, Cool Gameplay, A music to chill a vibe
, cool mechanics, only problem, TOO SHORT.
Resuming, Turn It Into A Full Game

My first impressions of this game were "Binding of Isaac, but inside a person's body," and it kind of holds true. Not entirely, however.

In this game, you take control of one of those fancy futuristic medical nanobots, and your objective is to... well, it's not very well explained, but I'm assuning you need to save your human host from a very dangerous disease that is capable of turning medical nanobots rogue and is about to kill your human host. I really, really like this concept, and it couples with the gameplay quite well.

The gameplay itself reminds me of Binding of Isaac, how you go from room to room, fighting gauntlets of enemies and collecting treasure. The combat mechanics are quite fun, at least with keyboard and mouse. You move around with WASD and aim and shoot with the mouse. The control scheme flows naturally, and the combat is fun.

The enemies you fight include clumps of black dust (I'm assuming they're the viruses or something), rogue infected blood cells, and also rogue nanobots that were otherwise supposed to help you get rid of the disease.

Whenever you feel the need, you may teleport back to the "heart" room, where you can heal up and buy upgrades with scrap parts your robotic enemies drop. Remember to do it often, because dying makes you lose all your scrap. The upgrades you buy are permanent, though, which is nice. The trade off is that whenever you teleport back to the heart room, all enemies respawn.

The graphics in this game are cartoony and sweet, representing the innards of a human with a "meaty" aspect to them. Really cool stuff. The music got on my nerves eventually, because there's only one really sad tune that plays throughout the entire thing, but at least the sound effects are nice.

All in all, I guess the number one thing that got me hooked in this game is probably its context. The idea of playing as a medical nanobot killing disease inside a body is super neat, and there's a lot that can be done with this concept that the gaming world still hasn't explored. Still, there's enough game in here even disregarding the context, and it's really cool stuff. Definitely worth a play to anyone who has the time.

The few things I don't like very much are how hard the game is without all the upgrades, and how easy it becomes once you have them. Maybe balancing that out would be good? Also, having to farm the upgrades when you're a vulnerable, weak little bot is sorta tedious.

Art: 10/10
Everything else: Meh