Reviews for "GRIEVOUS"

In my years of playing Game Jam games on Newgrounds, this has to be one of the best ones I've ever touched, it's clear you guys have some great understanding of level design, combat choreography, and experience with both roguelikes and bullet hell games.

I'm glad to have played this, and am excited to see what you'll do in the future!

Wow! Great controls, unique story and it all runs smooth, with great background audio! Excellent

Soothing soundtrack, clean artwork, clear objective, straight-forward controls.

Grievous will leave you wanting for more.

It's difficult but I love the art style and how the game works. The controls feel great, not too float-y and just works really well. Thank you for making such a great game!

I liked it!

Things I did not like:

The controls! I just hate this "aim-with-the-mouse"-concept. I feel, I can't aim properly, because the moving can "destroy" my angle. Also I click outside the game and die... I like the concept from Binding of Isaac much better. I think, it would fit the game well.

The upgrades: Felt useless, because there were so few. I think, it could be a nice game element, but at least in the short version, they are not needed.

What l liked:

Cool game in general! Good art, good music, good overall concept. Also, I liked the difficulty. Many games are just "upgrade, until you can blow everything away with one shot", and I really liked, that instead of that, you have to work on your skills and "learn" the rooms. Maybe one thing: At first, I thought, I had to clear every room, which made it a little tideous. Maybe, somehow you can clarify the goal..?

Anyway, thanks for this game, pretty cool!