Reviews for "GRIEVOUS"

A nice short game. The difficulty adds a nice challenge and keeps me playing.

Hello There

Great music, I would advise having a story to go along with this music, maybe add more. As long as it fits the theme and atmosphere.

We should get some insight into who's body this is, get us attached to the character. Like we're wanting to win not just for the sake of winning, but for the sake of a warm and happy ending for our protagonist.

Overall great game so far, I encourage you to use the potential this game has and continue development!

AKTStudios responds:

Interesting ideas progamer! Thank you for the feedback and encouragement.

Wow! Great controls, unique story and it all runs smooth, with great background audio! Excellent

Great Little Shooter, Reminds Me Of Binding Of How The Artwork Is, Also Great On How You Implemented Controller, First Game In A While With That.