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Reviews for "GRIEVOUS"

I finished the game, but I didn't really have fun doing it.

I want to start out by saying that I really enjoyed the controls and feeling of playing this game. The visual style was fantastic as well. This game has tons of potential.
If you're a user reading the reviews before playing, I recommend giving the game a try. It looks and feels really nice, and it's entirely possible that you'll have a completely different experience than I did.

In my opinion, the way the game works right now is not fun to play. I got 3 rooms in and then died. That's fine, that's part of the game. I died to an enemy that could shoot back at me, and it was a learning experience. The problems started when I tried to go back to recover my lost bolts and found it extremely hard to get back to the room I died in without having any upgrades. I would take damage on my way, collect all my bolts, and then inevitably die to the shooting enemy again. The problem is that, since I lost ALL my bolts every time I died, I couldn't upgrade so I would find it extremely difficult to defeat the enemy. Even if I got back into the room and collected all my bolts very quickly The game doesn't allow you to recall if there are still enemies in the room, so I HAD to fight and win with one slow gun and 3 hp. Eventually I did it, recalled and was able to buy a second gun.

The reason I bought a second gun instead of more health, was that with just one gun, every single enemy was tedious. The pulsing enemies that don't even move took 10 shots to kill, and I could barely escape the small red things if they swarmed me. Continuing after any death just took far too long to be fun anymore.

With my second gun, things got a little easier, but some rooms were absolutely unfair. The pulsing enemies had a ridiculous range that hit almost half of any room, and they gave absolutely no indication of when they were about to pulse, so I felt like I had no choice but to stay completely out of their range until they were dead (I know that they had a set rhythm, but I found it very difficult to keep track of while fighting other enemies at the same time).

And then I made the terrible discovery that everything respawned when I went into the heart room and came back out. The first room had one enemy that gave 5 bolts, and I ended up just grinding the first room 20 times to get my next 2 upgrades. I want to assure you that I didn't feel good about doing this, but I wanted to see the rest of the game.

With faster guns and a bit of extra health, I stopped my cowardly grind and actually ventured back out into the level. I was able to fight effectively, and I gained enough bolts to get my last health upgrade! With all 4 upgrades, I was a force to be reckoned with. I was still cautious, but capable, and I was having FUN! I found myself thinking that this should be the default loadout for my character, because the game was definitely still hard, but I felt like I could actually fight and defend myself. I eventually got to the boss room and really enjoyed the fight. It was satisfying and challenging, and a lot of fun. I do still feel like an indication right before something fires is an important element that's missing, but it wasn't a huge issue here. I defeated the boss with 1 hp remaining (which was very tense) and beat the game! I really did have fun in the end, but I only had fun for the last couple minutes of the game. I didn't really feel like it was worth the difficult grind.

So, first of all, I apologize for the long winded review which is mostly just me complaining. I want you to know that I didn't hate this game or anything like that, I actually enjoyed it quite a lot! I just wasn't able to have as much fun as I feel like I could have. I wanted to write this review because I can see that you are reading the comments and listening to the players, and really trying to make a great game. I wanted to share these things with you because I felt like they were holding the game back from being as fun as I know it can be. I hope that me sharing my experience can help you make this game the best it can be.

I really look forward to seeing where the game goes. Thank you very much for making it, and keep up the good work!

AKTStudios responds:

Fishpudding, first I want to say thank you for the in depth response. You took time out of your day to let us know your thoughts and for that we are grateful. We agree that the balance of this version definitely leans toward the hard side, and not in a good way. One of the problems with developing something so quickly is that we are the only two people who really get to play test it, so we get really good really fast. To us, the game seemed TOO easy, but we forget that we have played it 50 times before it's complete. We have a lot of ideas of how to make the full version feel more fair and fun. Like permanent upgrades that you can swap in and out, and pickups that will help you on your way, hopefully adding that fun factor you experienced toward the end. Thank you again for the feedback.

wow its a nice game ,.. but hard too...
i cleared 6 rooms and then i died,.. lost all points,.. so i cant upgrade ...

after 20 min .. i check thet i can "teleport" back to main Station ... that makes all a lot easyer ... lol xD

AKTStudios responds:

Beljiah, what would have made it more obvious that you can recall to the heart? Thank you for playing!

Im super pissed about how bad I am at this game, but cant wait to see what else it has in store for me. Favorited

AKTStudios responds:

Stock up those bolts and upgrade! You can do it! Thank you playing!

This is a good game! first game I played on here and let me just say it's a banger. You probably don't care about my input since a game of this kind is well above my opinion, however I give this 4/5 gp5 gas masks.

AKTStudios responds:

Asbo thank you for playing! We appreciate everyone’s feedback, thank you for commenting and for the gp5 gas masks.

Great music, I would advise having a story to go along with this music, maybe add more. As long as it fits the theme and atmosphere.

We should get some insight into who's body this is, get us attached to the character. Like we're wanting to win not just for the sake of winning, but for the sake of a warm and happy ending for our protagonist.

Overall great game so far, I encourage you to use the potential this game has and continue development!

AKTStudios responds:

Interesting ideas progamer! Thank you for the feedback and encouragement.