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Reviews for "GRIEVOUS"

i made it to a 4th room, but only after maxing myself out and memorization of placement. lots of potential, but raw at the moment.

Your game is too hard for all the wrong reasons. You enter areas where small enemies flock at you so you need to move but the only place to move is inside the range of those things that emit circular beams.

The difficulty curve is non existent, you die at the second or third room....

AKTStudios responds:

Thank you for the feedback Dhall, it will definitely help us balance the full version.

Okay, I'm just going to say it. The game is too hard. I managed to progress, but it's too hard. Let me explain:

You shouldn't need to buy an upgrade to be able to one-shot the weakest popcorn in the game. I kept dying over and over again on the third room. Because I kept entering the third room with zero extra health. Because I kept taking two hits in the second room. Because the second room throws 9 popcorn and 2 area-denial mines, all at you at the same time, when it's literally only your second room!

Then I figured out that the embarrassing pile of un-collectable money that was accumulating in the third room was actually something I could recreate in the first room. Then I figured out instead of letting it pile up on the floor, I could just clear the first room, hold R, repeat until you reach the arbitrary "Pay $50 to not suck" threshold.

And my question is, why? Why make me jump through all those hoops in order to unlock the controls the game was actually balanced around? Why make grinding this unpleasant and awkward and forced if you're also going to REQUIRE grinding just to get past the third room?

There's some other minor things you could tweak, like replacing the mouse cursor with a targeting reticle so you can then disable OS-level mouse-smoothing and use raw mouse inputs instead, or making sure that when you switch from keyboard and mouse to controller and back again, it actually uses the aiming method of the new controller, not the old one. But those are just polish.

My main problem with the game right now is the same problem plaguing a lot of FPS games with RPG elements shoehorned into them in the mid-2000s: it means you don't start off playing a good game. You start off playing a shit game that turns good if you pump enough upgrade points into it. That's stupid.

Balance the starting areas for the starting weapon. I don't think that's too much to ask.

AKTStudios responds:

WarpZone there are definitely improvements we can make and we are working to tweak the balance in the full version to make progression feel more fair. In a game jam setting you don't always have time to play test and balance a game to where it feels right to everyone. Some people are going to find it easy, some are going to find it hard. Finding the right balance between those two is our goal. Thank you for the feedback!

Super fun, great art. I enjoyed the grind and upgrading. The room where I could heal was amazing and completely a life saver. Wasn't able to beat the final boss, but that's fine. I can't wait for this game to get more upgrades! It would be so fun to run around being OP.

AKTStudios responds:

Thank you for playing! We are hoping the full version will be 10x as packed with upgrades and items. You will definitely get OP.

Too hard? No way! Too short - definitely. I sure hope this gets expanded :D

AKTStudios responds:

Oh don't worry, the full version will be much longer! Thank you for playing!