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Reviews for "GRIEVOUS"

Very solid jam entry. Enjoyed that BoI womb levels vibe. I'll be looking forward the post-jam version with more upgrades, bosses and other cool features.

PS: did you try to press 'a' on your gamepad, sharpnova?

Have you ever found yourself playing Binding of Isaac and thinking, "You know, this game is great and all, but I'd like it better if I didn't have to play as a whinny crying little kid, and could instead drive a tank around."? Well, then this is the game for you!
It's a short little top-down action game where you go through a labyrinth room by room, defeating enemies and collecting parts to build upgrades.

Play Tips:
There is no health bar, but the green tabs circling your tank tell you how many hits it can take until it is defeated.
Returning to the first room will refill your health for free, but also respawns all enemies and their drops. You can use this to grind the first few rooms for your upgrades.
You may find a health generator room. It will refill your health at a cost of 50 parts, but doesn't respawn any enemies.

Hello There

Fun game - it'd be a lot less frustrating if there were some way to recover health without respawning enemies

EDIT: and here I didn't realize the path forked! (Why do people always make the game window bigger than the screen...)

AKTStudios responds:

Notorious, thank you for playing! There IS a way to recover health :) . You may find it along the bottom path.

EDIT: When we run the game it fits within our screen size on different resolutions, is yours getting cut off? If so, do you know what resolution you are running at? Thanks!

It's difficult, pretty, interesting and with a cool bossfight. Adding these features you mentioned in the descritpion would surely pull me back to replay it :D