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Reviews for "GRIEVOUS"

Pretty cool game that definitely feels like it could become something great! At the moment it looks to have a real solid core in terms of shooting and exploration gameplay, with an interesting variation in enemies to fight through. The primary issues I would say it is lacking in is 1) damage feedback for the player: while the player does frown when hit, it's not immediately apparent to me since my eyes are on where I'm aiming, not on my player 2) bullet sponge enemies, it felt like the game only started to get fun and fast when I got double guns, they were just too spongy at the start 3) some of the enemies I didn't like, such as the stationary pulsers, especially since they had no telegraph for their attack and its range. Game was definitely as its best when you're in a room filled with asteroids and a few of those shooty enemies: dancing through the asteroids, dodging their bullets while filling them fulla lead felt great! More cool combat scenarios like that with some story progression and bosses would be awesome! I could see it being like a metroid game where you progress by collecting upgrades and keys to fill out the map, or a roguelike like isaac where its random and you try to get as far as possible. Possibilities are endless for something with a great core like this!

Very cool game, stylish, nice controls, nice gameplay.

Very solid work!

Great Little Shooter, Reminds Me Of Binding Of How The Artwork Is, Also Great On How You Implemented Controller, First Game In A While With That.

Very enjoyable game, remember me Isaac
but I encountered a glitch : after taken in order upgrade 3, 4 and 2... I came back in first stage and the screen become total blue, music goes on but no command works.

AKTStudios responds:

Hicaro91, thank you for reporting this - I will see if I can recreate it. Appreciate you bringing this to our attention!

The characters are good, the music is calming and somehow fitting, the mechanics are easy to understand, but the recall makes it too easy, you can always recall and you get full life and you can grind the first level to unlock all the new stuff. maybe recalling could cost money if its in a room full of enemies. or maybe not restarting the enemies once you cleared the room.
also, having to battle against mechanic and organic enemies is a good idea, but the organic enemies should give something, maybe a new "coin" to unlock even more stuff, like, a way to cure the heart.
over all, its agood game, from the idea, mechanics, the music and the visuals, but it need polishing.