These Remains

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Silent Scorn 25 Points

Reclaim Fire Power

Furious Strike 50 Points

Reclaim Four Arms

Sinking 50 Points

Reclaim Piercing Wake

Uncoiling Inside 50 Points

Reclaim Wide Slash

Wrathful Charge 50 Points

Reclaim Dash Power

Blackened Feathers 100 Points

Receive a Fatal Wound

Gone Today Here Tomorrow 100 Points

Hard Mode

Author Comments

just tryin to get some garbage out of my head

remappable in options

game saves automatically

stuff thats not obvious:
-during a regular dash you're invincible while in motion
-when you get the ability to deal damage while dashing you're invincible the full duration of the animation if you have at least one charge
-more dash charges increases damage dealt by the dash and the wake

thanks to https://hankworx.newgrounds.com/ for bailing me out by providing some music and sfx

had some weird performance problems with chrome im not confident are completely worked out, firefox recommended atm

exe and ost at https://rainbowcemetery.itch.io/these-remains if you wish

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Really like the concept and mechanics of the game as a 3D / 2D crossover and mystifying dark theme, which is what compelled me to come back and try again to no avail. The first boss is ridiculously hard for how weak the player starts off as, and utterly ruins the experience because I cannot seem to move past this point no matter how much I hack away at this boss and minions, and I can see that there is more to the game and it's frustrating that I can't reach the rest of it. This game could be a classic if it were not so damn difficult!

the music was definitely my favorite part about this would love to see this up on youtube or some other streaming service

I love the look and how the game plays, but man, there is just way too much bullshit at just the first boss. If you switch focus to the minions he summons, by the time you finish, he summons more just as fast. Not to mention there's no indication of if you're doing anything to him. It just doesn't feel like it should be the first boss, and that hinders the rest of the game if you can't move past that.

The movement has a great feel to it, especially the dash and the game is charming and cool. I really like it! And that's why I want to give some feedback hoping that this game might get just a little extra work and polish done on it, because I think it's worth it!

I think this game would greatly benefit from a clearer hitbox (and I have a suggestion for a possible fix) both in regards to yourself and your enemies. While the 2D-on-3D look and 3rd person camera makes it look great, it also makes it difficult for the player to tell whether or not something is close enough to hit them, which becomes a big problem considering that there is a lot of close melee fighting which requires you to constantly gauge the distance between you and your enemies to avoid getting hit. While this is something you can still learn to do fairly well through practice, I think a lot of people wouldn't bother as the unclear hitboxes makes the game feel almost unfair.

However I think something like that could be easy to fix! The best thing I can think of would be to add a simple circle around the player characters feet as an indicator of where the hitbox is (and having these around the feet of your enemies as well would be even better!).

I think something simple like that would go a long way to change the gameplay from something which feels unfair and frustrating to something which is fun and challenging in a almost bullethell-esque sort of way as you dodge around enemy projectiles and hit enemies as you run past them without feeling like the unclear hitbox screwed you over.

I hope you have not given up on this game yet or anything like that, because I think you have a good thing going here!

First impressions are definitely important, but last impressions are almost as important in my eyes. No one wants to leave the player with a bad taste in his/her mouth. Unfortunately, the game contains something that can singlehandedly ruin a player's experience, as was the case with me. The final boss is one of the worst bosses that I have ever had the displeasure of fighting, and that is no exaggeration. There is simply too much going on, and the game does not have any invincibility frames, so the amount of quick damage that can be taken is utterly disgusting. Sure, the attacks are telegraphed since there's a sound effect that indicates what attack is going to be used, but that doesn't matter when the next attack starts before the player has much of a chance to even deal with the repercussions of the previous attack. There are so many enemies. The issues with this fight could have easily been avoided if the boss either had longer grace periods in between attacks, if there were invincibility frames in the game, or if there was a cap on how many enemies there can be at one time. How anyone has managed to defeat this monstrosity is honestly beyond me. I have tried everything I can, and the fact that I haven't been able to even gauge how close I have been to defeating it is nothing short of infuriating, as I feel like, no matter how much I damage the boss, I'm not getting anywhere. This game has solid enough mechanics and is good fun, but all of that comes to a screeching halt at a game ruining experience. When a boss is more infuriating than fun, then something is seriously wrong. The thing is, I'm not the only person who has taken issue with the boss. Sure, say that I need to "git gud," but the boss definitely has some serious issues that need to be dealt with. This two star rating shows the power of last impressions, as I'm now left with a sour taste in my mouth.

Credits & Info

3.85 / 5.00

Oct 29, 2018
8:04 PM EDT
Action - Other