Reviews for "These Remains"

Well done good challenge value

Good game, amazing shape in 3d
The final boss is complicated because you do not recover the points of life before fighting and you only have four points of life

so much fun!

not gonna finish this today. I already KNOWWW it's gonna be good. I love the 2-d pixel art in the 3-d minimalist environment. I really love this.

This is a great game. It is absurdly difficult though, but aside from that I can't see any obvious problems. Though I do a hard picking out flaws that aren't obvious to me so you should take my words for a grain of salt.

ALSO for anyone having trouble beating the bosses, I found that the best order to beat them in is:
1.Four arms (octopus dungeon)
2.Fire power (1st dungeon)
3.Dash Power (dog? dungeon)
and the last 2 could probably be in either order you want.
Aside from that I don't really have much else to say since I haven't reached the final boss yet.