Reviews for "These Remains"

so much fun!

This is really cool, and really fun!

"Top-down" implies you aren't at a positional disadvantage for how you can view the playing field. Yet if you aren't placing the enemies in front of you (the fact that there's an "in front of you" at all is already a problem...), you're likely to be hit by whatever might come from behind due to dodge lag and lack of starting i-frames (at least in the early game, though even the red i-frames don't seem to trigger all the time). The problem of this low camera angle is only exacerbated in the last boss: the trick is to gain dodge charges to damage the boss and clear adds (who, since I guess the varied attack patterns and low health aren't difficult enough, have more health than adds in other bosses...). This requires that you don't end up dodging into a group of enemies. Where is such a group of enemies? If you're attacking backwards, you won't know until you get hit by them. Hell, the camera angle is so low that you need only a few enemies in the foreground and you won't be able to tell when attacking upwards, either.
If it was a genuine top-down experience, things might be much, much more manageable and enjoyable. We could see paths, see gaps in enemy positioning, preempt enemy movement, and dodge to weave through those gaps to safety. As it is, the last boss feels like a "dodge and pray then die then repeat until you get lucky".
The worst part is that this entire facet of the game completely ruins immersion in any sort of story it might have (the fact that I phrased it that way should be telling...). I want to enjoy it, but I'm busy on the last boss spamming dodge through enemies and praying they die so I don't get smacked by someone off-screen due to the dodge lag that could have gotten me off to safety.

The game is great but getting hit just for touching the enemies makes it insane not sure how much the difficulty decreases if you get rid of that but if it's too low i would suggest increasing the monsters hp to compass for getting hit for touching.

i hate this game, but i appreciate it. I'll never play it again but i would recommend it