Reviews for "These Remains"

Like the challenge; though I think the game might have been a bit more fun if the bosses were very slightly less beefy. Never quite got the story, unfortunately.

Hardest parts for me were the first boss (skeleton) and final boss. Some tips for the final boss:
* You can tell which attack he's going to use by the sound effects
* Try to stay in close as you dodge his attack and minions. This will result in enemies being clumped together a bit better so they can be killed more easily with melee or charge attacks. And help you keep the boss in range for consistent damage.
* Take appropriate evasive action of course.

This is a great game. It is absurdly difficult though, but aside from that I can't see any obvious problems. Though I do a hard picking out flaws that aren't obvious to me so you should take my words for a grain of salt.

ALSO for anyone having trouble beating the bosses, I found that the best order to beat them in is:
1.Four arms (octopus dungeon)
2.Fire power (1st dungeon)
3.Dash Power (dog? dungeon)
and the last 2 could probably be in either order you want.
Aside from that I don't really have much else to say since I haven't reached the final boss yet.

I like the 2D shift to 3D, but it's still a bit bland. The boss fights are kinda hard, but that maybe because I'm not used to the strange perspective which makes judging distances difficult from and back. Also, Bosses really need a health bar.

is that blood or not?

This is pretty great