Reviews for "These Remains"

I couldn't figure out how to kill the people with ranged attacks inside the house with the red key on it. everything else is the game was really easy but there was just no way to kill these guys without taking some small amount damage which accumulated enough to stop me from making any progress.

Neat visual style, nice atmosphere, nice controls. No idea why you want me to kill all these things, but not killing them didn't do me any good

This game has potential. I wasn't sure were to go or what the goal was, but the design idea is incredible, and I think you have something quite amazing here, just hasn't been used properly. I wish you luck on expanding this game and winning the game of the month for November.

Game is great.

Story makes no sense.

Very cool concept and the game is mesmerizing to look at :)
Very challenging but fun
Also cool music

It's an interesting game. Nice aesthetic, some neat ideas, decent ost, solid enough gameplay, etc.

But as much as I did like it, there are some glaring issues that really drag it down. Wonky hit detection, the differences between the up/down and left/right plains were jarring, the perspective for the camera often hid enemies, some enemies were very obnoxious, etc. For the most part, a lot of it isn't that bad but by the time you reach the 6th boss, they really start compounding and just turn the game into a frustrating experience.

One thing in particular I noticed was that enemy grunts didn't despawn after the boss is killed. I was worried that that'd lead to some issue and as it turned out, it did.

When I defeated the 6th boss, I ended up dying immediately after the cutscene ended due to a stray hit. I respawned at the dungeon entrance as it usually would but I noticed that I had almost no health. Whatever ability I apparently got from beating the boss I didn't have access to but the health loss stayed. So I had to redo that entire boss fight...but any single hit killed me. Even attacks that only did half a pip of damage killed me outright. So after a couple hours of attempts, I just gave up. Really, I should have restarted from the beginning, as it would have been both easier and faster, but I wanted to see if I could do it.

So obviously, I didn't manage to finish the game. Maybe I'll return and finish it properly but at this point, it kind of left off on a sour note.

RainbowCemetery responds:

i thought i had made it impossible to die after killing a boss, but the last one is a little different so i guess i missed something, apologies :< though its not ideal you don't need to start over, continuing from the title will bring your hp back up to what it was before