Reviews for "These Remains"

Pretty cool man!

It's not a bad game, albeit I didn't like it personally. main problems are that you can't hit the regular zombie dudes without getting hit yourself. And when they throw shit at you, well... it makes it too frustrating. You can't do much strategy, like hit and run, or precision, because you have to get really close and then it's granted that they either touch you, or you get hit by a thrown skull (why I can't destroy them?). Another thing, the difficulty should increase gradually, even in hard mode. Have the length and the difficulty of the stage rise slowly, don't just throw the player right into hell. If a player is already stuck on stage 2, then the player might just ragequit and say "fuck it". You have to lure the player, and the player himself should have the possibility of getting better. Another problem is that there is not much difference between normal and hard mode in regards to the placement and the difficulty of enemies, something that plagues most of your games, wherever that option is avalaible. With that said, there's not much complaining about other aspects, just that you should plan more carefully the learning and difficulty curve next time.

So, improve the attack, as it's atrocious, and seriously, ease up with the difficulty for god sake. Also remove getting hurt from touching the enemies, it's stupid.

The enjoyment from playing the game was very comparable to having a constipation on the toilet (really), but it would be extremely unfair to rate the game low, because the game itself is more or less well made, and unique. It's just that it's not as fun as it could be hence the one star less.

Oh, and the story is (as always) good.

RainbowCemetery responds:

thanks yo. i do appreciate your feedback as always

Well done good challenge value