Reviews for "These Remains"

Good game, amazing shape in 3d
The final boss is complicated because you do not recover the points of life before fighting and you only have four points of life

I admit I'm having a hard time with this. I'm just going to empty places most of the time. Still, this was a lot of fun. The best part is probably how mobile you are. It's at least easy not to die. I like these visuals so much.

You have created a unique world to interact in. Happy Halloween! In true holiday fashion, I'm reviewing all the Halloween stuff today. A pity it's been so long since I've seen trick or treaters. We live in apartments now.

Difficult but pretty fun to play! I like it a lot, my favorite part is probably the soundtracks. Very well composed and really fit the atmosphere of the game.

- Well done :)!

Amazing game! I loved the concept and the atmosphere. Nice touch, putting a grid on the floor so you know when you're aligned with an enemy to strike it!
I didn't play it to the end, but I plan playing it soon! The fact that there are little clues about where to go may be confusing at the beginning, but after a while you start to orient yourself.
The difficult seems fair to me, for the moment... except maybe for the little monsters who charge at you. When in large packs they can be a real pain in the ass!
A great game, really... hope there's more of this "garbage" in your head waiting to come out!

graphics and music are top notch, game play is fun, but difficulty level is brutal, also no idea where to go or what to do, no map or quest system means alot of just wandering around , not bad but could use a few improvements , thanks!