Reviews for "These Remains"

Very nice!
Not liking the delay on dash, the fact, how slashy the monsters are, how the world is vast but empty and also the fact that the perspective screws you a bit and you can't judge the distance sometimes.
Still, enjoyable and well put together!

This game just oozes charm. Everything looks really nice.

However, that doesn't make up for three rather large problems the game has: flow breaking, depth issues, and too simplistic.

Because there are no shadows cast by player and enemy characters, it can be hard to tell when I'm close enough to an enemy to be hit by it. Depth becomes both an eye-sore, and a guessing game.

Death is a flow-breaker, and in a game this buttery smooth and fast-paced, flow-breaks can be damaging to enjoyment of the game. Essentially what I'm saying is it needs a health-restoring powerup to keep the flow of the game more uniform. Every time I die and respawn, it's back at the beginning, and the time it takes me to get back to where I was when I died is 'down time', or time where I'm not engaged in combat, exploration, puzzles, etc. I'm just dashing to get back into the combat, and that's not fun.
If there were health items, I'd feel less frustrated having to walk back to the boss, because I would feel that it's more my fault.

The dungeon is rather barren and boring compared to the town I started out in. Seems kind of like wasted potential to me.

Really good game, though, and fantastic esthetic.

not gonna finish this today. I already KNOWWW it's gonna be good. I love the 2-d pixel art in the 3-d minimalist environment. I really love this.

Fuck those shooting guys, they keep killing me!

i caant defeat the first boss