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There's not always a light on the other end.

Author Comments

This is a weird little bleak thingy I made over the past three or four days.

Thanks for playing.

Collect the sad faces, and avoid the happy ones to gain points. Earn the required amount to move to the next "day"

-Hold X or P to dash
-Arrow keys or a/d to move

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PS. Alula 3 will be coming ASAP

Patch 2.0 (April 6th 2016):
-Cut dream minigame length in half
-Rebalanced difficulty
-Added collectables which reward you points
-Made less boring (lol)


Kind of messed up, a huge point though. Manic Depression/ Bipolar do not go away, and the only treatment is medication. The guy in the game did it to his own self, no one should feel sympathy. A trip to a pyscitraist can manage it. It's legit the only known way, chemicals in the brain release and it creates a manic state, when used, they go into a depressive mode. Many project their illness onto the world around them, so they never get help. The messed up thing is, many think it will make them no longer be themselves, they don't know what it's like to feel normal, so they think they're losing something. People with the disorder need to see a doctor, period.

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This game, as short and simple as it was, impacted me on a great level. Rarely have I played something that I've almost truly cried over. The minigame where you avoid the smiles, I feel like that represents something. Anybody who is truly so deep and submerged in pain, depression, anxiety, and anything else, they try to avoid things that will supposedly make them happy. But they avoid them because they know that those things won't do anything for them, so what's the point anyway? I feel like that's what the falling smiles represent. And the frown faces that you collect that further your score, they represent something too. In the midst of everything, the only thing that somebody will gather, is more hurt, more depression, more pain. Because that's all they can gather at that point. It only collects and furthers your hurt. This game truly hit me on a level that I rarely ever experience. You realize how so many lives today are... You realize how much pain so many people go through... And rarely do we ever even blink an eye about it. Rarely does it ever cross our minds. And so many people suffer until the suffering becomes too much to bear. It's a deep and cruel lesson to learn. But this game is so built in that. I'm glad this game was created. I'm glad to have played it. Please keep up the amazing work 08jackt. I look forward to more splendid work of yours.

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JackAstral responds:

Thank you, that means a lot :)

little hard rage game i would think but dark but still, a little hard

Hey! Your game still sucks. You can try to squash my right to free speech all you want; I'm still gonna come back and post my honest opinion as is my right. Quit being a puss and grow up. Everytime you delete my comment, I'm coming back. Deal with it.

JackAstral responds:

I'm not deleting or flagging your comments

I only flagged your first review, because you said that you hope one of my loved ones would kill themselves

i was thought that if i don't tap the space bar he would shot him self and i lose the game

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Credits & Info

2.94 / 5.00

Feb 10, 2016
4:03 PM EST
Adventure - Other