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Arc Infinitum 1

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New year, new genres n' stuff.

Well this is a sci fi- detective drama thing. Heavily influenced by Ghost in the Shell and some Satoshi Kon works. I tried to make it like a movie.

Thanks to the VAs

MARISSA LENTI (http://marissalenti.com/)
SirUndead (http://sirundead.newgrounds.com/)
Jacob Anderson
CodeblackHayate (http://codeblackhayate.newgrounds.com/)

Music by
Yoko Kanno https://www.facebook.com/pages/Kanno-Yoko/10505488303
Also thanks to my patreon supporters- you guys helped me get the 2nd camera to help with some of the animation.

I think this year I'm going to be focusing more on cinematography, writing, etc. Also I've wanted to do some of these seinen anime dramas and take a step back from some comedy and do some movie-esque type stuff.

This is not for everybody since it's not a parody or comedy.

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The ad ion parts were very good, little improvement there, and the voice overs were spot on, the only bad part was the animation and Rendering. Thus the 3.5 nice work though!

I really liked this animation. It brought me into it and I thought it was interesting. I really like the animation style and the plot. I thought it was well executed and the voice actors did a terrific job. One thing I noticed was that the lighting on their faces were a little off. Maybe that's just me. But, overall, great job and good luck with your future projects.

Love the voices, though sometimes they lost between the music (innecesary in some scenes) but the whole thing caught me up. I'll totally follow this series!

Yet Another Awesome work from Kel-chan!

My friend left his account logged in and I felt like leaving a comment
Yeah I got really sucked into this and am hooked cx