Reviews for "Arc Infinitum 1"

It wasn't bad.
In my opiion, the expressions of the characters need a bit more attention. They frequently don't seem to match the emotion of the voice at all and it kind of takes away from the scene.

was good, although the walking is oddly paced and the soundtrack during the talk scene with the guy with the camera eye was a bit too loud. overall good work

Amazing work, as much as I love the other series you're doing I really believe this is your strongest one yet. Atmosphere is perfect. Really looking forward to recording more for Decker.

Still the usual awkward movements, pacing and not enough easing. The story, props, and lighting redeem it pretty well.
No stars were taken away for this, but for goodness sakes "Youtube.com" is no way to credit the Neotokyo soundtrack. Since you are using it for commercial purposes, did you at least get permission from http://edharrison.net/ ?
That's like if I redid the soundtrack for your animation, uploaded it to youtube for ad revenue, then credited your animation as "google.com".

Kel-chan responds:

it hasn't been updated because I had to republish the video because I also misspelled one of the VAs names. refresh it a bit.

As for awkward movements....it'll just take time to iron out and i just have to keep reading tutorials. I'd take a 3d animation class but...seems like a waste of $

Well. This is certainly very interesting. I'm a bit taken by surprise as I was expecting continuations of your other two series. But I guess you were waiting for the voices or something? Anyway, I liked this and I like the potential I see here. The atmosphere of it all is very good. I especially enjoyed the feel of the opening and closing bits. Unfortunately, the closing one came upon the heels of a forgettable fight scene. But I'll get to that later.

Overall, I thought this was very good. It seems like a series with potential. I like the music. The animation is mostly good. The characters seem like they could be fleshed out a little more, but it's only the first episode so you got plenty of time to do it. I do like the story so far. It seems like there is a lot of interesting dynamics to the world. I would say this is worth keeping an eye on this.

However, I do have a few gripes. First of all, I'm not a fan of some of the character movement. You are getting better, but there are still times where the characters seem overly tipsy. And I mean to the point where it isn't natural. This is something that is not unique to this video for you. This is still just a nitpick, but it's a reoccurring one.

Maybe it's just me, but I found the British sounding guy to be somewhat poorly lipsynced. I didn't have a problem with anyone else. In fact, I thought there were other areas that where that was quite good, including the guy he was talking with who had the red glowing thing over his eye. But that one seemed off somehow.

Gripe number three was the fight seen at the end. I have never seen an arms dealer before that resisted arrest without firing a single weapon. For Pete's sake he is an illegal ARMS dealer with no firearms! Why does he just stands there while the Dud attacks for him? Even if he somehow doesn't have a gun, he could at least do something. I mean if he isn't going to fight back then why bother resisting arrest? At the very least, he should use the Dud to buy time and try to run away. I still find the fact that he doesn't even keep a concealed side arm on him to be completely unbelievable. And no, I don't count the Dud in that. It may be a weapon but it doesn't fire anything. Instead, it uses very delayed street fighting strikes. The Dud is a cool idea, but the dealer's one is honestly pathetic. The time it gives them between attacks as opposed to it's movement speed is way too much. I certainly wouldn't rely on something so painstakingly deliberate as my only form of self defense. And why would officers just stand there and let the Dud initiate protocol or whatever without firing on it? Or better yet, why would they wait for the Dud to attack them? Just shoot some holes in it and kill it (or at least disable it) already. They all were way too deliberate about it. And the arms dealer just stays there and does nothing during this whole time? Why even bother resisting arrest if you aren't going to do anything?

Sorry to take so much time ranting on it, but that whole sequence really bugged me. And I don't it to overshadow the fact that, again, I actually thought this was quite good. But I do have a hard time getting past that.

So to summarize, I give it a 4/5 or an 8/10. I like it. I think it is a quality piece of work and a series that would have a lot of potential. It's just not perfect.

Kel-chan responds:

Theres a reason why he didn't pull out a weapon- he's a dealer- he's not a grunt. He doesn't get his hands dirty and he doesn't do his own dirty work

I thought about making something more anime-ish. running and gunning and stuff but the scenes i made were too over the top for the somber tone- it was like going from something thats realistic to crazy town.

I think I'm gonna look more at animes like black lagoon for references but even then, I don't want to make it that outlandish since the characters are human and very constrained by that. Gun fights are over fairly quickly and I don't want to have fights where the main characters miraculously dodge every bullet.

That scene was extended longer where he ran off and they chased him for a bit but I was worried I was pushing 11min or 11:30 with the credits. 9:30 is already insanely long for a NG video, any longer i wasn't sure ppl would watch it all. Even in Episode 2 as its written so far is going to be somewhere around 10 minutes but the problem is, I can't cut stuff thats plot central dialogue and if I cut the episodes short, then it's like theres not enough to make it worth watching. If I add everything together I guess I could go for up to 15min before the file is too big to upload. It really just depends on the attention span of the audience

But I have an idea for ep2 that might be more "actiony". I have to come up with a method thats sort of realistic but still engaging.

I wish I had more ppl to help out in development so I could toss ideas around and whatnot but unfortunately I don't. It's just me and I really don't have ppl to give input to make things better until its released