Reviews for "Arc Infinitum 1"

SirUndead seems to be channeling Edwyn Tiong. But everyone seems to have the same disinterested, sarcastic tone of voice. It gets kind of annoying.

Really nice animation of course. Is that lady detective wearing a sports bra to work?

Kel-chan responds:

"If you got it...flaunt it"


I enjoyed the story and animation but I think the presentation was a little too similar to ghost in the shell, especially with the music. I think it would have worked a lot better if you gave the show it's own identity outside of the gits influence.

Also, I feel like a lot of your shots were ruined by having the contrast cranked up way too high. A good majority of scenes were either super dark or super washed out and didn't read very well because of it.

I really like this and thought the dialogue between the two main characters was really well done. I hope there will be more in the future.

Kel-chan responds:

When's the next Kerslash!!!

Nah, JK. Yeah I have to fix alot of stuff. I'm probably gonna try to make a second one just to try and iron out some stuff and then see what folks say. Hopefully I can make some better scenes and stuff.

Usually I think my stuff kind of copies alot of ideas but gradually overtime it turns into its own thing, and originally this was written years ago as a ghost in the shell fanfic so I had to rework alot of stuff and leave out things to make it different

u hot

nice movie btw

Kel-chan responds:

U live!

I'm anime-ing hard now... (n_n)

Hahaha......Well.....You did it Again, Kel-Chan. This is Good. Despite the Fact I'm Not the Biggest Fan of Murder Mystery-Type Stories, this One Really Piqued My Interest....Even though this was Anime and Not your Average Murder Mystery Type Cinematic, it Kind of Reminded Me of the Game I'm Currently Doing a Playthrough of. This Animation is Special, and for the Length of it, I'm Guessing it Took you a Really Long Time......Although one Thing.....About the Voice for that One Guy Working as a Detective....Did you somehow Manage to get Steven Blum to VA for this? Lol

Kel-chan responds:

Sir Undead is that voice....the "steve blum of newgrounds"

Doesn't seem too bad but can certaintly be better:
-the frame rate was a little low, nothing major though.
-the anger in the voice acting needs more work, if you can't handle it, avoid for a little while
-the breasts of the female agent looked very odd, and sexist (to me), also her face doesn't match her voice or her swear words
-the man agent looked like a young hipster/gangster person when he smoked, consider highlighting his age maybe
-the robots looked a little odd, because it was shorter than the human beings, making it appear to be like a child, also, the robot showed up in the room of suicide on the agents' side but later against them, that can use some explanation, maybe those robots are of the same brand just serving different people.
-the fighting scenes certaintly need some work, the spacial sense was not clear and it was a little slow.

It is cool to experiment with the things you don't know, but it does impact the quality of your output, so, my advice is, try out cool effects, but only a few each time.