Reviews for "Arc Infinitum 1"

Very Impressive!

The only weak parts about this would be the fight scene and the voice acting.

The voice acting was already just as good, or (imo) even better than the average quality of English dubs (in terms of inflection, and emotion, not in audio quality, because some of the audio quality of the voices wasn't so good).

The fight scene could've used work, but it was pretty good. Just anti-climatic and a bit slow.

Overall, pretty great!

Here is what I think:

For a project where you are put in with very limited resources, I think you've done a really good job. I really like the concept and it definitely something I'd watch if it was on TV. There are a lot of things that need work such as the lip-syncing, some of the voice acting, animation and I feel like the model styles aren't very consistent. Then again, these are some things I can't blame you on.
However, there are things that you could definitely improve. Firstly, tone down the visual effects a little, especially the super sharp filter that's used a lot of the times. I know that you are trying to go for the anime kinda feel but the filters don't translate well. Another thing is the cinematography. Some of these shots lasted for way too long. For example, the first scene where the hunter shoots the rabbit could've easily been shortened by cutting some of the walking hunter and some other shots. I also have the feeling that you are hesitant about whether you want to appeal to reality or exaggeration. I felt this in the fight scene because not a lot was happening other than a few punches and kicks. Yet there was this sudden exaggerated force from the robots kick against the female character which felt kind of like Rooster Teeth's RWBY fight scenes. Although granted, this is your first time (in a while?) that you wanted to "take a step back from some comedy and do some movie-esque type stuff", you shouldn't be wishy-washy about your decisions, especially in the production phase.

What I can definitely say is that in regards to animation, you definitely have some potential. The animation actually looks great. Like some of these walk-cycles are correct and there is some smooth and definite motion here and there. The idea works with this animation and you have a good grasp on atmosphere. Although I think not a lot has happened, you've established the story very well, got some nice environments and superb voice actors.

All in all, I think you've done a great effort! There are some problems here and there but from what I've seen, I'm pretty confident that you fix these issues or at least address one of them in your next instalments.

Kel-chan responds:

thanks alot for tips

and yeah- I am kind of inbetween the reality vs exaggeration. One reason I switched to 3d is I didn't use 2d to the fullest since you can do insane exaggeration and since I never really did that- it was kind of pointless.

I think i'm going to try to go with more reality. The only tough part is coming up for a "reality" for things that don't exist yet.

Way cool. Better than some of the stuff that makes it to tv in 24 episode series.

Have you pitched it to a network or an anime production house? This + a 5 page character desc / story arc write-up should get you funding for at leat a 1 hour pilot, if there's even a schred of justice in the world.

Sure, there are a few glitches and things that need polishing, and they've been mentioned, but I can't find it in my heart to fault you, as you don't have the ressources & time that funding would get you. Seriously, even with the glitches, I would watch this if it was a 24x30 series.

Pretty good. Though I would tone down some of the effects and some of the voice actors should fix their mic setup. Like giving the mic a pop filter(holding toilette paper in front of the mic works) and portable sound booth or a blanket around them while voice acting.

Felt the need to log in and leave my two bits. You did a couple things poorly, and a couple things well. Let's hit 'em in that order.

The bad:
- Lip Flaps (I noticed that the lip flaps are pretty out of sync with the dialogue. Sometimes they keep going after the speaker finishes, sometimes they finish early. There's also precious little variety in them. I realize that it's basically impossible to get lifelike lip flaps from a medium like this, but you could probably do with some practice here)
- Fight Choreography (The combat reminded me of Final Fantasy. It's very slow and honestly feels like that whole battle was turn-based. You used some cool ideas, but the combat needs to be sped up; I'd say at least half again as fast would be a good starting point. It might be easiest if you render the combat separately, and then speed it up when you load it into the rest of the movie)
- Texture Seams (Some bits, especially the scene with Mr. Robot Eye, have some fairly obvious seams in your textures. Look around his cheeks and mouth during that scene and you'll see what I was talking about. I realize these are really difficult to contend with, but even a token effort can sometimes go a very long way. If you were trying to make them look like lighting effects instead, try playing with your bloom settings-- make them look like reflections instead of hard lines)
- Voice Acting (Some of your voice actors need practice. They're not bad by a long shot, but the delivery, especially in the scene with Mr. Robot Eye, is rather on the flat side. What works best for me is to deliver the lines as the character instead of as the character's actor, if that makes any sense at all)
- Walk Cycles (the characters seem stilted as they move. I was willing to give it to the hunter as I was certain he had an issue with his left leg, but when I saw the other characters move that way I was thrown off. A really easy way to figure out where exactly you're going wrong-- because good walk cycles are *hard*-- is to take a video of yourself walking back and forth across a room a time or two, then play it back slowly to figure out the mechanics of taking a step. The same is true for running as well.)

And now for the good!

- Voice Acting (When your actors are good, they're pretty bloody good. Especially the cop and her partner; they inject life into the delivery and some of the other roles are rather lacking in that. If you bring your whole team to their level, it would do incredible things.)
- Concept (While there's not really enough substance here for me to figure out entirely where you're going, it feels like you've done some pretty serious worldbuilding to get to this point. I'm a *huge* fan of good worldbuilding.)

In total, I gave 3.5 stars. If there was a 3.75 option, I'd give you that instead. You've done some good work, and it definitely shows. You've got potential as an animator, you've got good talent working with you, and you've got a story that is interesting enough I want to see part two. It's a diamond in the rough-- it definitely needs polishing, and you've got a goodly amount of work ahead of you if you want to catch up to, say, RWBY, but you've also got the ability to get there. Keep it up, keep practicing, and I'm sure we'll see awesome things from you in the future.

Kel-chan responds:

It's funny you mention final fantasy because i kind of was looking at some of those fights when i was making this- I think it has to be smoother/faster etc