Reviews for "Arc Infinitum 1"

This Animation was really good but it needs work. I understand how it all works but the 3D animation was kinda choppy and it needed to be more smoother and some expressions didn't match how they were saying things. All in All its great an has potential but it needs a bit more polishing.

Great job with the animation, story, and voice acting. It all worked together well.

Despite the soundtrack completely eclipsing the voices in several moments of the episode, the 3D art style and sinister backstory complement each other perfectly and deliver an everlasting and futuristic tale not easily forgotten.

I'll certainly be supporting the Patreon project and I await future entries of the series eagerly.

Kel-chan responds:

yeah I'm gonna try to fix the sound issues- I should have the next episode either by the end of the month or early march

If you try listening to this on crappy speakers, the music largly overshadows the voices, making it hard to understand the majority of the voices. Also, the last shot was a bit dark, so maybe lighten up the music and shadows a little. The rest was really good. The 3D camera in particular seems to help a lot. Imagining this as static 2D wouldn't have had the same effect.

I really got a Psycho Pass vibe off of this, and the aniamtion may have been a little clunky, but it was very interesting. With a little work it could be really amazing.

Well written, and well voiced. Hope to see more stuff like this form you guys.