Reviews for "Arc Infinitum 1"

pretty good! had a nice ghost in the shell vibe. Also, as far as the animation is concerned, i think you got the motion down pretty well, something i see a lot of 3D animators fail at, however, I think the 3D lighting looked a bit weird, and it seemed like you had the gamma way too high. also expressions could use some work, same with background textures. but apart from that im liking it. keep at it cant wait for the next one

For a novice on a small budget, this is pretty good.

Let me check, pull down gamma to the maximum. Ok It's barely watchable, have you heard of backgrounds, the building background looks like an excuse for you not putting in some effort to any scene whatsoever. Why are there no expressions? I may lack facial expressions in real life but at least my face actually moves when I'm talking such as brows furrow when making the O sound and my cheek muscles contract when shaping sounds as lips don't magically move over the face as if the face was a blank canvas. If you are trying to do stuff in 3D then do stuff correctly. Just throwing it together without putting work into something shouldn't be appraised. I know that some work was put into this but it doesn't look like you committed yourself to do it.

TL:DR it sucked, no the gamma of your computer didn't skyjump to a billion percent, no story or animation quality.

Kel-chan responds:

its not that no work was put into it- its that i'm a novice- If you're expecting frozen on newgrounds i'm sorry to say I dont have millions of dollars nor 100s of animators with decades of experience working for me.

It's one series popping up after the other! Though, this one does seem more like a movie than a series, even if it ends without any real finality. The bad guys aren't defeated. It's not even certain if the good guys win. It's unclear what'd happen next if nothing follows.

Animation looks great. The cityscape background in particular almost looks like a photo, but in dark locales it feels like not everything is affected equally by light. The faces almost glow on their own, even if the clothes seem to just absorb all light that hits them. Also, bit strange and chunky shadows playing on the character faces.

GITS type setting works pretty well, feels like it has the same somewhat saturated color scheme as well, similar soundtrack and a similar protagonist. I start imagining how awesome it'd be if there was every any similar serial animation made in tribute/homeage to Oni, could hold traits from both series but seems like it'd have a much quicker plot. Anyway, as always: good entertainment!


Kel-chan responds:

I have another part of this- I dunno if this will be a series instead of more of like an ova? meh semantics. I kind of like this better than KAGE actually but who knows.

So, here's my review. I took notes during the course of the video and I'll tell you how to improve when I finish watching this.
Also, I tried to make this as "Cinema Sins" as possible.

Also, it is likely that I'm going to miss some, but the things I do notice make up most of the mistakes. Also, sometimes I'll just feel lazy and ignore the redundant mistakes.

- Ground Textures are bad.
- Rabbit is apparently eating "grass" but no grass is to be seen
- Rabbit "hops" into the air, then falls down dead. I took 3D animation classes so I know that this is wrong.
- Gun noclips through cape. Okay, I'll give you that one.
- Shadow of the guy doesn't include cloak/cape
- (0:56) close up of face depicts wind brushing against hair and cloak. Next shot has no wind but still has wind SFX.
- Water textures look weird.
- Woman moves wheel even though she's on a straight road.
- Weird rendering of building in background during 1:23 and until end of shot
- 1:34 - guy is shown taking a smoke but he doesn't seem to breathe.
- 1:39-1:40 Girl enters then awkwardly jerks backward. Bad key set?
- Guy puts "cigeratte" (or Fag if you're English) into his back pocket but moves hand unrealistically which also noclips through trenchcoat. Again, I'll give you that.
- Coversation includes no movements of the face. Because mouths get the point across.
- 2:26 Guy's mouth hangs open and again, small in facial features.
- 2:42 Apparently suicide includes a small tub full of blood, a dead body with open eyes full of terror and said dead body wearing clothes.
- The glare is strong in this scene.
- Also no jaw movement during conversation, not even mouth during 2:47.
- 2:50 AHH THE SHINE!!
- 2:57 Is it just me or is my gamma too high - oh wait it's just the video.
- Robot looks at wrist or watch to identify user
- 3:38 Voice actor sounds like a mid-middle aged man with a really rough voice, but person speaking looks 20.
- Also, no jaw movement again.
- Oohh Jaw movement. But why is the guy looking to the right?
- 3:46 Voice does not fit character model
- 4:06 previous scene was dark, now bright as balls.
- Okay, improvement here. The guy is blinking and slight changing of facial features.
- Guy groans but doesn't look frustrated.
- Textures are bad during ruins scene.
- After closer examination, windows in buildings are just textures.
- 4:58 Guy doesn't seem to concerned even with this "concerned" voice of his.
- White haired guy talks, doesn't seem to concerned with that face of his.
- 5:42 Guy's face is pale but hand is tanned.
- Guy blinks way too much.
- Good animation during that bit (bench stand up)
- The animation is quirky.
- Good physics for the legs there.
- "Dud" robot is absolute shit as it requires owner to tell it to do something THEN begin analyzing.
- "Dud" Robot is female and walks too fluently to be robot.
- "Dud" Robot leaps at enemies and don't expect them to do anything.
- Main characters don't do anything even though they realize they're under attack
- Main characters take a step back because DuD robot jumped at them...no guns?
- Main characters wait for Dud robot to close in to pull out guns.
- Why is she blushing?
- Robot moves too fluently to be robot.
- Robot knows martial arts and doesn't come with built in weapons
- Robot decides to kick and stay defensive.
- Girl can dodge one attack but takes taken by surprise by the second even though she demonstrated extremely quick reflexes in the previous shot.
- Male main character expects guns to do some sort of damage to a METAL ROBOT
- Male main character requires the robot to be attacking him to return fire.
- No bullet sparks
- Main character waits for robot to attack before continuing to fire
- Wait EMP Boot?
- Main characters don't know how to hold a gun.
- Kobayashi doesn't run away when his robot is fighting police officer main characters

People have already taken notice of the total lack of facial expression in the animation. That bothered me a lot. You should be able to fix that with relative ease.

There's also the 3D animation being a little quirky at times. It's better than before, but still kind of awkward when I watch it.

There also seems to be a complete lack of "small details" in this animation as I see many, many no clips in here. Also bothered me.

The fight scene was illogical. The police officers should have open fired the moment the robot began advancing or even better, when it was 4 feet in front of them.

Inconsistent robot speeds. Also noticeable.

The Robot moved...like a human. Also bothered me.

Finally: Lighting. Mother of god is it bright.

On a side note:

Girl protaganist: Holy crap her boobs are huge!

Kel-chan responds:

I can't do anything about the clipping with the coats other than to not have them at all. The physics engine is not the best and has limits.

As for that rabbit- if you've ever hunted rabbit and not gotten a precise shot- that is what happens. I know, personal experience.

I totally forgot about Bullet sparks! Will do next time. everything else is just stuff that gets fixed slowly over time.

Yeah the end fight scene was recut from a long fight scene where there was a chase etc but the overall episode was too long. In retrospect i should've done it- maybe i'll release a directors cut sometime