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Directed by BRVTVS

Thibaud Clergue - http://thy-works.blogspot.com
Aurélien Duhayon - http://aurel.the.portfolio.over-blog.com
Sébastien Iglesias - http://sebastien-iglesias.tumblr.com
Camille Perrin - http://camilleperrin.fr
Music by Lionel Flairs for Hit'n'Run - http://wearehitnrun.com
Sound design by Florian Calmer - http://hypnago.com
Mixing by Benoit Rault and Florian Calmer

We used LH Auto Rig 1.0 created by Ludovic Habas for the characters' rigging - http://cg-animation.com
Facial and motorcycles riggings were done by Lucas Morandi - http://fr.linkedin.com/pub/lucas-morandi/53/9a3/2b9

This project was able to see the light of day thanks to Armand Béraud and Machine Molle, who kindly hosted us for two months - http://machinemolle.com

Red - http://media.joomeo.com/large/53d7a2eae8b48.jpg
Blue - http://media.joomeo.com/large/53d7a32adcd8c.jpg
Black - http://media.joomeo.com/large/53d7a34d8e358.jpg
Green - http://media.joomeo.com/large/53d7a33a912d5.jpg
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amazing stuff! good work.

WOW, just WOW, i have nothing to say, this was awesome, the lighting, the shading, the style, amazing, not gonna lie, kinda wish i knew what happened to the others


I resumed it in one word :D
(with many vowels, yes)

Some how I knew it would end like that, since they're all wearing the same shirt as he is.
The details are amazing - good job

is it just me or does the animation style remind anyone else of fallout 1 and 2?