Reviews for "HORDE"

First 3D toon I see on newgrouds I liked. The plot was boring but the directing, the camera angles, the rhythm and all that stuff was really well done. Much better than Hollywood movies of today. Those sucks completely usually. If those had such good artistic edit at least I could watch them just for great moving picture.
Looking forward to something that has a good plot, not just an action for sake of action.
And I m sorry if someone feels offended that I think your favorite hollywood movies suck. That's just my personal view.
And again congratulations to the authors, your visual approach is great!

Thought this was great! The art style kinda reminds me of some old pre-rendered 3d games of the early to late 90's, like Ultra Mini Golf Deluxe, but that is only a random observation. I thought the soundtrack was great. The action was great as well. I will look forward to your future animations.

the soundtrack is the TITS! and the animation, a nice combination of hand drawn, flat, cartoon style, with 3d textures and camera angles.... Worthy of a Gorillaz video... wow. you rarely see that kind of stuff on Newgrounds.


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