Reviews for "HORDE"

This is badass.

Actually, I don't follow about what it is. Some sort of ghost-demos (probably) killed (???) rider and turned him into one of them. So... what ? Where they came from ? Why they do such things ?
Ah, anyway, it's author business "what this story about", still great.

nice animation. I really hate when people like neferhet and romeomustdie comment on people work, because all they do is make lame brain criticism and they have not submitted an animation of their own or do they understand art as a concept. I mean what if the artist did not want the "the skull-ram to moves smoothly". the animation is a wonderful piece and the time spent was not meaningless because i saw the concept and it is well done.

love the style!

great animation but to meaningless story so meaningless i was sorry for the time and effort wasted on the animation.