Reviews for "HORDE"

It has such a dark feeling, a story that you bring to life in such an amazing way, I loved the scene where he goes into tunnel and "transforms" then everything fades black and he gets hit by that golden weapon and just dies... and respawns as one of the Horde. Genius man, I hope to see more from you in the future. c:


Now he's one of the HORDE, same as a zombie apocalypse, unbelievably awesome.

The style is inspiring

DARK! This is very impressive from a number of stand points. It has such a dark supernatural feel to it. Its got Motorcycles... And it is so violent and disturbing. I can see the influence of Heavy Metal in this. This could have been a short in a new Heavy Metal series because in a way it is like the episode called B-17. This does have a vague but compelling similarity to it.

All I can do is sum this up by saying this was done by someone with real animation chops! I look foreword to more animation from you.