Reviews for "HORDE"

incredible movie, with insane details, GREAT face expressions and incredible and memorable faces (both the humans, and the zombies faces were great....), there was a professional work in the lighting/shading effects, and the playing/swaping between light and darkness was great. truly amazing.
i loved it so much when with each display of light, the zombies appeared from the darkness.
also, each zombie pretty much had a character of his own, which is rare to see in zombie movies, and it was a breath of fresh air.
for example the blonde guy zombie was cheerful, and even happy to encounter a human, while the red-haired moustache biker zombie was serious, and silent, only observing his goal.
the whole movie had epic action, and incredible moments, from the chase, to the entrance of the ''light tunnel'', and it was glorious, to say the least.
also the ending was good, and rather impressive.

you sir have massive skills, and the music was good.
do more.

Awesome film.

And that's why you should always wear a helmet children.

Wow, what a great short. The lighting and music set a great mood, the story was well written and suspencful, and mix of 3D and 2D was pulled off perfectly. Good job all around!

Wow. VERY unique animation style coupled with incredible music. Awesome.