Reviews for "HORDE"

Great animation and action!

Brutal and fantastic. The soundtrack and designs were great, the direction was exceptional, the use of color and lighting was phenomenal, and the plot was rich -- both with action and unanswered questions. I can hardly wait to see more!

To sum this up in a few words: stylistic game changer.
This is definitely going straight to my favorites.
The artistic approach is amazing, not to mention unique and refreshing.
I do, however, wish there was even more music backing up the visuals.
The track is rockin' in all of its synthy goodness, but it felt like the awesomeness could have gone up past 10 straight to 11 ;D
Anyway, great work guys, I look forward to seeing more stuff like this down the road!

meh sorry i mean the animation was great but thats really all it had coming i wasnt crazy about the music and i saw everything coming its ok for what it is just a 3 minute animation

Okay, I seriously think this may be the best animation I have ever seen on this website. I think it's because I have no clue how you even did it! It looks like some kind of stop motion combined with flash. I am amazed that this is your first submission! Dude, if you make more stuff like this, you will become the best person on this freaking website! I loved every second!

The music was fantastic as well. Everything just moves so wonderfully together! I still have no idea what's even going on in this. I don't care, because it's freaking awesome! Every bit of animation look like it took years to make. You are a master of artwork, my friend!