Reviews for "HORDE"

Extremely well done, one of the better pieces if not the best that I have seen in months. It was really smooth with really cool animation even though I am kind of sick of seeing these new styles popping up to become the normal instead of a trend, yet you owned it.

The music and sound effects alone deserve 5 stars. They were perfect.

Very cool.

Solid. Interesting concept, very nice blend of animation and 3D, great camera direction, fantastic music choice, and a constant building of tension. Really can't nit-pick anything. Just solid.

wow this is awesome. i liked the idea of having differnt shaders in the film, but it was i little awkward at first.
here take my stars

Fascinating concept. Never thought of a zombie motorcycle gang. But let's be honest. The guy wasn't anywhere near badass enough to survive it, though. Anyway... The animation was great, the story was unique, and the music fit well. I say 5 stars.