Cyber Rush

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3 Orbs 5 Points

Collect 3 Energy Orbs (yellow or blue).

3x Record 5 Points

Break your own record 3 times.

500 m 5 Points

Reach 500 meters in a single run.

First Blood 5 Points

Die for the first time.

Slider 5 Points

Die sliding.

Super Death 5 Points

Die while Super Energy Orb boost is active.

Super Orb 5 Points

Hit a Super Energy Orb.

Volcano 5 Points

Jump on top of the pixel volcano.

10 Orbs 10 Points

Collect 10 Energy Orbs (yellow or blue).

10 Super Orbs 10 Points

Hit 10 Super Energy Orbs.

1000 m 10 Points

Reach 1000 meters in a single run.

3 In A Row 10 Points

Hit 3 Super Energy Orbs in a single run.

Headbanger 10 Points

Reach the ceiling 10 times during a single run.

30 Orbs 25 Points

Collect 30 Energy Orbs (yellow or blue).

3000 m 25 Points

Reach 3000 meters in a single run.

Speedy 25 Points

Maintain a speed of 35 m/s for 10 seconds.

Top Speed 25 Points

Reach a speed of 80 m/s.

2K Slide 50 Points

Slide a total of 2000 meters.

30K m 50 Points

Run a total of 30000 meters.

50 Super Orbs 50 Points

Hit 50 Super Energy Orbs.

6 Minutes 50 Points

360 seconds air time.

Easter Egg 100 Points

Find the Red Energy Orb.

Author Comments

When you get trapped in your own computer game and the cyber tunnel starts to cave in, your run begins. Unlock achievements and collect powerups along the way!


- UP / DOWN: jump / slide
- or X / C: jump / slide
- or W / S: jump / slide


This game wasn't great but it was fun.

I think the game is a little laggy but that might just be my computer.

The game was, well...

Okay so there was things you could of put in but you didn't like making a limit to how long you can slide because I don't think you can slide on your butt for 200 meters. And also when you barley touch a obstical you just exploderize so you could of fixed that.

Other than that and the lag it was a great game.

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Want to have a link to the soundtrak so hard

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SamuelX responds:


First thing I thought when I started was; "For a game called cyber rush you sure do run slowly..." And then WABAM! Im flyin at the speed of light dodgin obstacles and almost exploding into pixels! Pretty neat little game, but not much too it.


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The level got kind of boring and repetitive after 15 mins and it brings nothing new compared to other games of this type. May be think about putting in upgrades, more hazards and more power ups to start and I think it would improve above a 3.

Jump on volcano achievement still pops up, just a basic runner/dodger game. Different style, but could be a bit better. Maybe add more power-up items like invincibility for a period of time? Also another achievement that no one would ever expect: Die at 0 meters. How? Right after you hit space to restart, hold the jump button, and you'll accidentally hit the falling stalactite. Overall, it's a functional game with good graphics, but could use some tweaks.

SamuelX responds:

Thanks, I'm planning to do a game that heavily relies on powerups, maybe you'll like it better!

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Credits & Info

3.85 / 5.00

Nov 27, 2013
11:50 AM EST
Action - Platformer - Other