Reviews for "Cyber Rush"

5 stars but it's laggy.

Great game! BTW: When it comes to auto-jumping, you could just make it so that the player can control that in a/the settings/options screen. Also, it would be nice to perhaps have a starting speed option for those that get enough achievements. For example, start off with a speed that is 5 or more greater than one normally starts at.

It's really annoying having lags just as your playing a fast pace game like this.

Really love the graphics and the pixel phisics.

well done! :)


SamuelX responds:

Yes, they have donated it to the public domain. I also included the author in the game's credits menu.

Nothing bad, really. Reminds me a little of Temple Run. But there's one issue you should have addressed: Auto-Jumping. Sometimes you are jumping to a higher place and, if you let go a wee late, you are dead.

SamuelX responds:

I did have addressed that issue carefully. It's enabled because this is the better option. Without 'auto-jumping' (which means that it's enough to hold the jump key down to jump repeatedly) if you press jump again a wee early, it won't register because that's still the downward phase of the previous jump. And that scenario comes more often than what you said, and is more annoying.
So, out of the two choices, I chose the one which pleases more players. But either way there will be people who don't like it because there's no universal perfect solution.