Reviews for "Cyber Rush"

solid game play, nothing new

I Like this game
I think i have already listen this music in another game in NG ...

SamuelX responds:

Halcyonic Falcon X - Those Of Us Who Fight
It was in Epic Battle Fantasy. They released the track to the public domain but you can see it in the credits.

I disagree with all the 5 star ratings...This is a VERY overdone mechanic and wasn't particularly well executed. The level (Randomly generated?) can be quite repetitive. And the intro was so facepalmingly lame it would've been better to not include it.

This game gets 5 stars, and that's all there is to it. Amazingly good.

SamuelX responds:


Pretty good, but it is a little too easy.

SamuelX responds:

Go for the highscore then :)