Reviews for "Cyber Rush"

he was sonic speed tuuuurbo

This game wasn't great but it was fun.

I think the game is a little laggy but that might just be my computer.

The game was, well...

Okay so there was things you could of put in but you didn't like making a limit to how long you can slide because I don't think you can slide on your butt for 200 meters. And also when you barley touch a obstical you just exploderize so you could of fixed that.

Other than that and the lag it was a great game.

I made 490 points in 1 hour XD

I think you should have put higher meter achivments . Still game is very addicting and ill be playing it for awile . Pros on music and inside jokes .

may you rest in pixels :)

Very nice game. Some of the achievements are pretty nice and challenging, and the gameplay is a simple but addictive concept. It gets really difficult when you start hitting speeds of above 35m/s, but that's not a bad thing. Challenging games are always really awesome to come by. It gets a little repetitive and predictable, though (like the giant ceiling cliff always appearing right after a Super Energy Orb sequence). The music is pretty cool but also gets a tad bit repetitive after repeated play.