Reviews for "Cyber Rush"

i love this rush game

Addictive and well made. But, is it some kind of a earthquake ? Why the screen have to shake so hard. And yeah, don't pick up red orb.

I'm a little surprised to not see a few complaints about one thing though. The screen seems to shake and jolt every now and then, and that really if anything hurts my eyes and head a bit.
I'd like it if that could be stopped or if there was an option to turn that off cause im assuming some people enjoy that? I don't know..
But other than that I do enjoy this game! And, even if it is a played up idea, i still enjoy games like this.
also I'm not sure i the screen jerking is just for me or what, if it is, I apologize.

SamuelX responds:

In fact, there are several people who found the shaking effect hard on the eyes, but most people didn't. I guess it's personal preference, but if I make a sequel, this effect will be switchable in an options panel.

Its easy But Dude To easy I never died i had to quit!

First thing I thought when I started was; "For a game called cyber rush you sure do run slowly..." And then WABAM! Im flyin at the speed of light dodgin obstacles and almost exploding into pixels! Pretty neat little game, but not much too it.