Reviews for "Cyber Rush"

Nothing too new, but still great. I will tell anyone this, DON'T HIT THE RED ORB.

A fun and well done game, nothing reeeeally special about it, but I like it.

yea it's a great game , nothing new about it though ... i would really suggest u find something new ... it's risky but it will be a great hit if viewers like it.

my highest score was 5388 M which isn't good.. it's evidences that I'm not a pro but i did enjoy the game ... and the music too :D

PS. increase the number of times to break ur own records.. it will be fun for them

Good game and funny :D +5

Not a bad game. I do think I should have been able to go backwards or reach checkpoints, but the rest is well done. If there was more options, i would have played more