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Escape From 26

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The sequel is now live on Kickstarter!
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Set in a strange world full of different cages, each one with its own number. Although beautiful and magical it’s also creepy and enslaving… Whomever is taking care of the cages had started to do it more and more rarely and now everything is on the verge of self decay.

Out of nowhere you find yourself in one particular cage – number 26. Who put you there and why? Are you ever gonna be free again and how? Questions you must seek the answers yourself…

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I remember playing this a LONG time ago. And I could not figure out what to do. Just came back and beat the game! (Had to look up how to find Annie, I didn't know you could stand up while sleeping.) Great style, great music, I love it!

Great game, great music, great everything! A bit easy, but at least I can play it w/o incident even w/ the sound off. Thought I'd need to hear the radio, but nope! If your sequel is anything like this, it's worth sharing! Creepy, cool, out-of-the-ordinary atmospheres like this one get me every time!

the game was great and the graphics were amazing, but i do want to know...why is there a guy taking little people that i think are suppose to be elves,and putting them in a cage world, and why does he have the power to control time? is he a god or something? i would like to know these by the author so i can get a bit of understanding please. but otherwise, good game and i cant wait to play the sequel :D

Really enjoyed it. If I had to criticise it, she could walk a little faster and rooms could pop up a bit bigger, but other than that it was great.

BigLoopStudios responds:

We'll deffinitely try to fix all these things in the sequel Dreamcage 28! Look it up on Kickstarter!

well, this game was just what I needed after my aspie dad went psycho on me and I feared for my life so I threw a tv remote at him coz I thought he was gonna hurt me/ so yay for awesome uplifting games! ;)

BigLoopStudios responds:

Next time throw the whole TV! Just kidding, I'm sure he loves you as much as you love him!