Reviews for "Escape From 26"

Wonderful game, the only thing that kept you from receiving 5 stars was a sound glitch that made a periodic statically sound. It seemed to start and stop completely randomly, sometimes for a few seconds sometimes as long as 20 seconds. I had it happen in every area of the game except the dream/ghost area, that might have just been timing though. Hope the review helps.

Beautiful game and idea. With a fleshed out story, I think this could be adapted as a fantastic cgi film.

LOVED the graphics, and the concept. I wish there was more to the story, though. Please make more.

Great concept, the artwork was fantastic, storyline was drawing me in and you didn't make me have to translate morse code! Thank you! On the flipside, even with the notion of sequels, this game needs to be longer in itself (even with the limited area, you did have a parallell ghost world with only two interactive elements) and I'm going to say the ending was weak but I will hold that statement until i see how the story progresses in the next installment.

Keep it up!

realy interesing, but sad story...
nice graphic
amazing game