Reviews for "Escape From 26"

Graphics, Gameplay and Story. The 3 components of a great game. you sir(s) have them all. take my 5 stars :)

My first 5 star. This was a really good game. If you can make another with medals and longer creepier gameplay.

realy interesing, but sad story...
nice graphic
amazing game

beautifully executed. I really enjoyed playing this even though I couldn't find some of the parts, but thats what made it challenging. Very good

I'm back. I finally finished and HAD to return here to let you know my thoughts: This, by far, is one of the Best escape games I have ever played -and I've played a lot! Once I figured out the real need for the girl to rest on the bed -to be able to walk to and from the ghost of the dead woman, who supplied her ...the way to finally escape from 26- I saw just how Brilliant this fine piece of work is! (Keep searching, people. While awake, in light or in a blue glowing dream.) Beautiful.